About Author Lily Abraham 


Lily Abraham is a pseudonym. Lily and Abraham gave me spiritual guidance through a very difficult time in my life. I combined their names to form my name as a writer. I want to honor them and express my gratitude by passing along all the truths they taught me.

I began my writing career after a decade studying the teachings of religion. My research especially focused on the undeniable relationship between God and us humans. In addition, I spent years witnessing and studying the existence of God and other spiritual life. Not only is God real, He is not alone! We are not alone! I have been examining how it affects our beliefs, our choices, and the consequences in our lives and relationships.

I was raised Catholic and had religious beliefs instilled in me from a very young age. I believe that God communicates with us through our life experiences and I wanted to prove it.

I lost everything by doing what I thought was the right thing. Trying to rationalize how it happened, I discovered a branch of science called Psychophysics that is being buried with evolution. It is the science behind God and our souls communicating with us. It explains the real reasons for what we do. It is a science that can prove God's existence.

Life shatters our hopes, our dreams, and our lives — leaving us with pain and confusion. What do we do next? Life is full of so many questions and we do not always like the answers. In our pain, we can lose sight of the truth and the meaning of our lives. It is easy to lose faith in God when you do not understand what He is saying to you.

I went through a crisis in my life that forced me to strengthen my faith in God. It forced me to learn God's true identity. It was not easy to learn, but it was then that my prayers were answered.  As a result, my work is devoted to encouraging and creating an awareness of the influence God has over our everyday lives. I want my writing to reveal God's true identity and His integrity.

I live in Arizona, and I am currently working on the next book.

Future Titles


The Aftermath of Mental Illness:  

How God Can Repair the Damage

Defines the reality of mental illness, abuse,

and suicide.

Is your safety and security an illusion

waiting to be shattered?


The Haunted Soul:

A Quest for Peace

Defines the pain buried deep down in our souls.

Can you put a label on it?

What is getting in the way of us finding peace?


The Evolution of Religion:
A Proven Existence of God

Shows the many ways God has made
Himself visible to us.

What happens with disbelief? What happens with belief in a false god?

What happens with belief in the One True God?


It's Out There:
How to Find Your Soul

Shows you what you need to know

to develop your psychic powers so you

can foresee your future with truth and honesty.

(to be continued)