Who is God? One Meaning books answer that question. One Meaning Publishing is committed to publishing books that preserve religious values that have become societal values and their true meanings. They can mean different things to different people but they still have only One Meaning to God. Our mission is to promote values essential to living a prosperous and productive life. 

Our Mission

Our Promise to You

Our Plan

We promise to open a means to communication that inspires understanding that provides an awareness of a truth that heals the pain that prevents prosperity. Meanings get misinterpreted and misunderstood. Meanings get used and abused. Knowledge and words get used incorrectly. Actions become misaligned with true intentions. Knowing the truth can correct all of that.

Our objective is to teach understanding and acceptance of the One True God. One Meaning books expands God outside the confines of religion. We plan to show that God is everywhere.   

We value God and everything He does for us. We value the Faith, Hope, and Love He gives us. They have meaning - One True Meaning. The truth is not only a religious value but a societal value that needs protection. What has more meaning than the truth? It has a bad habit of getting lost in translation.

Our Values